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11 Famous People Who Started as Lowly TV Writers

Becoming a comedic icon doesn’t happen overnight. It takes years and years of hard work. In some cases, this means paying your dues as the low-level member of a sitcom writing staff – a rite of passage for many successful comics, actors and directors. Here are 11 notable examples. 1. Norm Macdonald: Roseanne The deadpan comic [...]

Tiger Dozing in the Snow

Nature photographer Bobby McLeod captured this excellent shot of a tiger sleeping under a light blanket of snow. His gallery is filled with other great wildlife photos. Link via Doobybrain

Twoddler Lets Toddlers Send Tweets

What do you get when you mix Twitter with toddlers? Behold the Twoddler, a tricked-out Fisher Price Activity Center that lets toddlers send pre-arranged tweets to friends and family: … the Twoddler, a tricked-out Fisher Price Activity Center with pictures of family members and friends attached and an Arduino board inside. When a child presses a certain [...]