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Huge viking vessel to be shown at museum

An enormous long boat uncovered in 1996 at Roskilde is the largest Viking vessel ever discovered. Dating back over 1,000 years and measuring 118ft lon…

Zombies Cannot Swim

If you needed an excuse to buy a boat, this is probably the best one. Insurance against the zombie apocalypse is just common sense. Link -via Alltop

Stunning Candy Landscapes

Dentists see this and think, “I could buy a boat!” Australian artists Nicole Andrijevic and Tanya Schultz, also known as Pip & Pop, made enormous fantasy landscapes using brightly colored candy. You can view more pictures at the link. Artists’ Website -via MyModernMet

10 Strange and Wonderful Boat Races

The races are strange, but the title refers to the boats. With a little ingenuity, you can build a boat, loosely defined as a “flotation device,” out of anything! 1. Beer Can Regatta The Beer Can Regatta is an annual event at Mindil Beach organized by the Lions Club of Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. The participating boats [...]

A Yacht That Can Make Short Trips Across Land

This innovative new vehicle is called The Iguana-a sea and land vehicle that will not only make boatingĀ  a blast but also much more convenient. Here’s more about this amphibious yacht: The Iguana is a seaworthy boat even in rough seas, a fast boat (40 knots), a high quality good looking boat, a boat capable of [...]

Orca Talks to a Motorboat

(YouTube link) A killer whale named Luna was separated from his family and lived off the coast of Vancouver Island until his death in 2006. He was friendly with people in boats who went out to visit him, but did he like the people or the boats? In this video, he is imitating the sound of [...]

Kitty Swims With Its Doggy Friends

Have you ever wondered what happens when a kitty jumps off a boat to go swimming with two dogs, who happen to be its best friends? Flickr user Terrie Olesky-Tyge can answer your question with her adorable collection of pictures featuring exactly that scenario. Link Via BuzzFeed

Latvian Milk Carton Boat Race

36 teams participated in a boat race during this year’s Milk, Bread, and Honey Festival in the town of Jelgava, Latvia. Each boat was homemade and amazingly creative. While that might be impressive enough, they were also made entirely out of empty milk cartons! Link -via TreeHugger | See also Artist Sailed in Giant Paper Boat

String Theory

Actually, string theory is something completely different, but it’s a cute title for this geometry problem at Futility Closet. A boy has his toy boat in the water, and he is pulling it to shore by a string. If he pulls in one yard of string, will the boat advance a yard, or less than [...]

How to Catch a Boat Full of Fish

(YouTube link) Step 1: Get in a boat somewhere near Spoon River. Step 2: Wait. Step 3: FREAK. OUT. According to YouTuber boodhaman: My brother, nephews and a friend go “fishing” down a small drainage ditch in the flooded Spoon River. They counted 70+ 5-10lb. Asian Carp once they stopped the boat. The funniest part, is that Matthew, my youngest nephew, [...]