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The Late Movies: Songs About the Jersey Shore

I’ve lived my whole life in Philadelphia, which means every summer, I start thinking about how much I want to go to Jersey. Traditionally, Philadelphians like to mock New Jersey for, well, everything. From bad drivers to bad food to anything in between, we’re not fans of the Garden State. Except between Memorial Day [...]

Friday Happy Hour: Reader-Submitted Question Edition

On Fridays, I usually ask a series of unrelated questions to spark conversation in the comments. But today I’m taking a half-day and my kids are demanding a trip to the boardwalk. So, I’m going to leave the question-asking to you guys. What have you always wanted to ask your fellow _flossers? Looking forward to [...]

Will the Real Nucky Thompson Please Stand Up?

If imitation is really the sincerest form of flattery, Nucky Johnson should be pleased as punch. If he hadn’t died 43 years ago, I mean. That’s right – Nucky Johnson. The carnation-wearing county sheriff-turned-treasurer was the real-life inspiration for the character Steve Buscemi plays on Boardwalk Empire. In 1908, 25-year-old Nucky Johnson took over the sheriff [...]

Nintendo Boardwalk Cabinets

Donald Kennedy imagined Nintendo characters in three old-fashioned boardwalk cabinets. Wario tells your fortune, Mario challenges you to grab a prize, and Elec Man (from Mega Man) shocks you with electricity. They light up and move, too. Artist’s Website -via Technabob