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Trivial Pursuit Categories

There have been many different versions of the board game Trivial Pursuit sold since it debuted in 1982. Do you recall playing the first one, called the Genus edition? Today’s Lunchtime Quiz at mental_floss will tax your nostalgia on that game. Can you match the original six categories in Trivial Pursuit with their color codes? [...]

Video Games Based On Movies Based On Video Games

As a rule, movies based on video games tend to be just plain awful, so why would anyone bother making a video game based on a movie based on a video game? For the sake of profit, and so bloggers like myself can make fun of them, why else?! Battleship the video game that’s based neither [...]

Brilliant Board Game Idea: The Waxing Game

(Video Link) The Glaze Brothers have a great idea for a board game. The Waxing Game is quite straighforward. A Candy Land-like board is filled with body parts. Roll the die and move your piece forward. From whichever location you land on, you must have your body hair ripped off. What a pleasant way to spend [...]

Pre-Thanksgiving Sale: 15% Off All Orders!

Now through Monday, everything in the mental_floss store is 15% off. We’ve got something for everyone on your list, provided the people you love would enjoy things like the mental_floss board game, Global Puzzle, Freudian Slippers and Law School in a Box. Just enter the code FUNGAMES before checkout. And don’t forget, you get a free [...]