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Where to See Cute Animals

Here’s a roundup of sixteen animals and how you can see them in their natural habitats. Some of these expeditions involve a lot of travel, depending on where you are already. Want to see a booby? Head to the Galapagos Islands! A little more than 500 miles west of Ecuador lie the Galápagos Islands, a veritable [...]

The Happy Feet of The Blue Footed Booby Bird

Big feet are not for everyone, however in the case of the blue footed booby, bigger and bluer is better.  These clumsy birds are found on the Galapagos Islands and in some areas of California. This entertaining animal may think he’s wise in his execution for a date or night on the town with the local [...]

Furry Logic: Don’t Worry by Jane Seabrook and Ashleigh Brilliant

I’m a big fan of Ashleigh Brilliant’s witty Pot-Shot series of epigrams, so I’m pleasantly surprised to learn that New Zealand artist Jane Seabrook of Furry Logic Books (published by Ten Speed Press) has created the perfect art for his words in book form. The book Furry Logic: Don’t Worry is Jane’s sixth and Ashleigh’s first [...]