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Pass Me a Beer, Bro

(Video Link) Handing a beer to a friend — it’s a simple bonding act between men. But for these guys, it’s also an opportunity to perform remarkable acrobatic feats. Guys, if there’s a blooper reel, don’t tell me. I fear that the lives of many beers were brutally cut short during the production of this video. -via That’s [...]

The Late Movie: Hugh Laurie

My husband is a House fan. He didn’t believe me when I told him Hugh Laurie was a British comedian. I had to show him some clips. Laurie had quite a career at the BBC with Stephen Fry and the series A Bit of Fry & Laurie, Blackadder, and Jeeves and Wooster. Then he took [...]

The Late Movies: Bloopers A-Plenty

Everybody loves a goof-up on TV or in a movie. Here are a collection of the blooperiest bloopers I could bloop up on on the interbloop! Star Wars Bloopers Jawas helping R2D2 move, stuntmen handing new guns to Han Solo mid-fight, Darth Vader mis-catching guns summoned by mind control, the Emperor’s hood falls off at an inopportune [...]

Skiing Robot

(YouTube Link) Bojan Nemec of the Jo┼żef Stefan Institute in Slovenia developed an AI-enabled robot that can maneuver on skis without falling over: The laptop control center plans the robot’s trajectory, using a camera to measure its distance from the race gates. Gyros and force sensors help the bot stay stabilized on the slopes. The robot carries a [...]