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Drunk People Have Higher Chance of Survival in Accidents

You’ve heard how drunken people survive horrific accidents that should’ve killed them. But it’s not just folk belief – scientists revealed that the higher the blood-alcohol level, the higher the chance of survival after [...]

Pro Tip: If a Cop Pulls You Over, Don’t Try to Give Him a High Five

If you have an encounter with the police, be polite and maybe even friendly. But don’t get too informal, as one man in Pennsylvania did when an officer pulled him over for driving without his lights on: Officer Adam Bonsell says Decker told him, “Thanks, buddy,” and tried to high-five him. Bonsell told him, “That’s not [...]

Dutch Mandates Alcolocks

Starting December 1st, the Netherlands will be giving their drunk drivers a holiday gift. Drivers who have been pulled over with high blood alcohol content will be given “alcolocks” to install into their cars. The device acts as a breathalyzer that can keep an engine turned off. The way the alcolock works is that the driver [...]

Could a Conjoined Twin Get Away With Murder?

Law student Nick Kam has written a paper exploring a hypothetical legal scenario: from a set of conjoined twins, one commits a murder. Since justly punishing one requires unjustly punishing the other, would the guilty party escape punishment? In “Half Guilty”, Kam writes: To consider more extreme approaches to punishing the guilty twin, the Court could [...]