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Maori Blocks

Maori Blocks – $39.95 Are you looking for the perfect toy blocks for your cultured baby? You need the Maori Blocks from the NeatoShop. This beautiful set includes 24 wood embossed blocks. Featured on the blocks are marauding gods, numbers, math symbols and the Maori alphabet.  Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more fabulous Toys [...]

Egyptian Hieroglyphic Blocks

Egyptian Hieroglyphic Blocks – $49.95 Are ABC blocks too easy for your lil’ genius? Worried that your tot is falling behind in Egyptology? Well, the NeatoShop to the rescue! The Egyptian Hieroglyphic Blocks are a set of 28 carved wood blocks that will teach your kids ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic phonograms and the names of the Pharaos. Perfect for [...]

Not Your Typical Wooden Blocks

XYZ Blocks – $29.95 If you think playing with your kids is boring maybe you just need to invest in cooler toys. Check out the XYZ blocks now available at the NeatoShop. These are not your grandma’s wooden blocks. XYZ block’s because sometimes you need a modern take on a classic toy.