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Alternative to Pumpkins

DRB QUICK SHOTLink Why only carve pumpkins? Why not watermelons? NINJA Watermelons! … but for those who insist on pumpkins – make’em feral and alien, then, to give us a better scare: (originals unknown) … and if you have a crab, dress him in Halloween costume, instead! – If you don’t have a crab – (left image via) Pumpkin with [...]

How To Pitch a Blockbuster

If your movie pitch got rejected, perhaps you weren’t using the right buzzwords. Mike Jacobsen of See Mike Draw explains the secret of pitching a blockbuster to Hollywood: Link See also Mike Jacobsen’s T-Shirt designs at the NeatoShop

Dear Blockbuster Member,

David Thorne is at it again. The guy who tried to pay a bill with a picture of a spider and suffered through a surprise apartment inspection now has overdue video rentals. The correspondence between Thorne and Blockbuster Video goes about as you’d expect (if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance…), but there is a [...]