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Block Crayons

Block Crayon – School Pack | $16.95 How neat is this -building blocks made of crayon, so your little ones can color and build at the same time! The Block Crayon School Pack from the NeatoShop comes with 24 stackable crayons in the shapes of both cubes and sculpted animals. Block crayons make a great gift [...]


Here’s a simple physics game in which you release a little red block by rotating the fence holding it. Or multiple fences. And please avoid the force field! Oh yes, it starts out easy, but gets more challenging. The level you see here gave me fits, but I breezed through the next couple easily -go [...]

The Narrowest House

How do you turn a small space into a huge cash cow? Fill it with the most claustrophobic living quarters imaginable, call its lack of width a feature, then rent it out to artists as a lining/workspace. That’s just what architect Jakub Szczesny and team are┬ádoing with the skinny space between an old tenement block [...]

Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Crocheted Throw Pillow

Of course! The basic shape of the block of carbonite lends itself very well to a throw pillow. This one measures 16 by 9 inches. Link via Technabob | Photo: Xanadoodle

First Person Tetris

In First Person Tetris, when you rotate a block, you rotate the entire game! By the time you think you’ve figured it out, the dizziness begins to set in. It’s quite addicting. Link -via Boing Boing

Mario Question Block Coin Candy

Mario Question Block Coin Candy – $3.95 You never know what you’ll get from a question block in the video game Super Mario Bros., but there’s no question here. You’ll get awesome coin-shaped candies from Boston America’s Mario Question Block Coin Candy. The candy, licensed from Nintendo, comes in a collectible metal tin and is now [...]