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Link Latte 169

#169 – Week of November 17, 2011 Twisting Dancing Cloud Phenomenon – [video & explanation]The Hidden Infrastructure of Internet – [fascinating]360 Panoramic Video Experience! – [click and drag]History of Typewriters… by lip sounds – [cool video]The Evolution of Western Dance Music – [interactive map]SuperCute Fix of the Day: Lovely Owls – [video]Enigmatic Ancient Celtic Artefact – [...]

Around the World in Religious Traditions

VIAGRA FOR YOUR AFTERLIFE (Image credit: Flickr user sweart) Packing for the hereafter just got easier. According to a Chinese tradition, when a person dies, mourners should burn replicas of household items so the deceased can enjoy these in the afterlife. The hope is that if the dead are appeased with burnt offerings, their ghosts will refrain [...]

Cat Plays with iPod

(YouTube link) Is there anything the iPhone, iPod, and iPad can’t do (besides read your mind)? Meesha enjoys playing with the free app Cat Toys on an iPod, as recorded by Tiffany Bliss. Link -via Buzzfeed

Extreme Parenting & Wild, Wild Kids!

“QUANTUM SHOT” #657Link – by Avi Abrams We have not had a funny pictures round-up for a few months, and this one is dedicated to parents… again. Why you ask, are we so impressed by the extreme efforts and solutions of some parents? Because some children are different and require parenting that is in the same [...]

After Microsoft

“Bliss” by Charles O’Rear (L), “After Microsoft by Goldin & Senneby (R) The default desktop image for Windows XP was called “Bliss,” and became instantly recognizable. The image was taken by a photographer named Charles O’Rear, but now it’s being phased out. The image on the right is what that hill in Sonoma Valley looks like [...]

The Triangle: Jaw-Dropping Juggling

LinkScroll down for today’s pictures & links. The Triangle: Jaw-Dropping Juggling This mesmerizing performance by Michael Moschen demonstrates his amazing dexterity and fluid, almost magical movements. You may have also seen Michael juggling crystal balls in the “Labyrinth” movie (with David Bowie). url Today’s pictures & links: Now in Black and White The famous Snow White MacBook cover – click here [...]