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Oskar the Blind Cat Playing on the Bed

(YouTube link) Oskar the Blind Cat is all grown up now, and gets around as well as a sighted cat. He has even learned to open a door! -via I Can Has Cheezburger Previously: more Oskar videos.

How Do Blind People Dream?

Tommy Edison, the Blind Film Critic (yes, for real) has been blind since birth, so he’s qualified to answer that question: "So I’ve bee blind since birth, so I’ve never seen anything [...]

I Wonder How a Blind Person…

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what the dreams of blind people are like, Tommy Edison (AKA The Blind Film Critic), offers some insight in this video: On his YouTube page, Edison also offers up explanations on how blind people cook: How a blind person uses an ATM: And how the visually impaired identify and organize the paper [...]