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Rejected Star Wars Promotional Merchandise

Yes, your soda is just fine. In fact, it’s in perfect hibernation. This refrigerator is one of many rejected Star Wars/Pepsi merchandising concepts by Jason Geyer including Bantha slippers, an AT-AT chair caddy and a Jedi mood ring. Link -via blastr P.S. You can find real Star Wars merchandise at the NeatoShop.

Battlestar Galactica, The Classic Video Game

(Video Link) College Humor’s parody hits the mark hard and often in this presentation of a 16-bit video game that never was. What combo do I have to hit to perform the Deus ex Machina move? -via blastr | Previously: 11 Facts You Might Not Know about Battlestar Galactica

Star Trek: The Next Generation Quiet Book

Children are never too young to be properly introduced to Star Trek, and a crafter named Julie Bell is getting her kids off to the right start. She’s made a cloth book filled with age-appropriate activities that introduce the Enterprise-D crew and life onboard. Pictured above is a zippered turbolift door that opens to reveal [...]

Salsa-Dancing, Trombone-Playing Darth Vader Entertains Seniors

(Video Link) Actually, it’s not the real Darth Vader. It’s just an actor dressed up as Darth Vader. Specifically, this is Jonathan Arons, who puts on a truly original performance for people at a senior center in New York City. via blastr | Aron’s Website

8 Once Amazing Sci Fi Technologies Now Inferior to Real Life Gadgets

We don’t have flying cars, but otherwise, it can be hard for science fiction to keep up with the pace of modern technology. Evan Hoovler of blastr has a list of eight technological wonders from science fiction now present in real life, such as the PADD from Star Trek, now available as the iPad: Like modern [...]

Star Wars Secrets Pour out on Twitter with #Wookieleaks Tag

For several months, the #wookieleaks tag on Twitter has been the source of many unveiled secrets in the Star Wars universe. Lately, the activity has greatly increased. blastr has a list of some of the juiciest revelations that have come out. Twitter Link via blastr

The 6 Most Awful Comic Book Toys and Action Figures

blastr has pictures and descriptions of six toys and collectibles that should never have made. I don’t know why the above Spider-Man toilet seat was included. It’s totally stylin’. Link

Charles Babbage’s Early Computer May Finally Be Built

In 1837, Charles Babbage designed an early computer. He called it the Analytical Engine. Unfortunately, Babbage died before he could build it. But there’s a campaign underway to make one using the original blueprints: Elements of the engine have been built over the last 173 years, but this would be the first complete working model of [...]

The Original Star Trek Theme Had Lyrics

(Video Link) The immediate source for this post is Snopes, but I’ve snooped around some other sources. As a result, I’m reasonably sure that this story is true. Alexander Courage wrote the orchestral theme to Star Trek (above video). Under the provisions of his contract, he was owed royalties every time that theme was run or re-run. Gene [...]

23 Amazing Sci Fi LEGO Creations

blastr has a roundup of detailed LEGO sculptures inspired by science fiction, including Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, and Firefly. Pictured above is a chestburster from Alien, made by the Avro brothers. Link | Artists’ Website