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The Man Who Saved His Porsche from a Flood on an Inflatable Raft

Bill Musselman lives in Kentucky on the Ohio River. When it recently flooded, he certainly wasn’t going to let take away his prized 1992 Porsche American Roadster. So he and a friend lashed together three bladders designed to carry 7,500 pounds. It worked! Built by AirDock, Smokey and Bill used 3 bladders that make up a [...]

A Beautiful Camel Bladder Vase

Probably the nicest one you will see all day. This one, from Moultan, Pakistan, was crafted in the mid-19th century and currently resides in the collections of the Museum of Leathercraft in Northampton, U.K. Of note, the “camel bladder” term refers not to the shape, but to the material from which it was made. Animal bladders [...]