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Imaginary Friends

From the fertile mind of Dan Piraro, here’s a Bizarro comic that I’m sure captured many parents’ perception of a certain social media giant.

The Most Annoying Mascot in the World

I don’t always post cartoons on the blog, but when I do, I prefer Bizarro.

Road Signs for Seniors and Teenagers

Our pal Dan Piraro of Bizarro Comic created this panel that shows how road signs look like to senior drivers: … and for teenage drivers: Link

New Olympic Game of … Synchronized Tweeting

USA! USA! USA! Here’s a new Olympic sports that Americans will surely dominate for years to come. From the fertile mind of Dan Piraro of Bizarro Comics, here’s Synchronized Tweeting: Link – via Laughing [...]

Nursing Home in a Post-Texting World

Know someone who’s addicted to texting? Our pal Dan Piraro of Bizarro Comic explains the horror that awaits in their old age! Check out more neat Bizarro comics over at his website: Link 

Cell Phone Dumbbell

Our pal Dan Piraro of Bizarro Comics has invented the world’s most ingenious exercise equipment yet. Behold, Cell Phone Dumbell that will make you fit at last: Link  

Neither of These Tablets Come With Apps?

From our pal Dan Piraro of Bizarro, here’s a reminder to update the Ten Commandments to include "Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s iPad?" Link

Why Not Zoidberg As A Badass?

In the bizarro version of Futurama it’s Zoidberg that does all the ass kicking. With rugged armor plates, vicious crab claws and a face scary enough to give Lanternfish nightmares, this alternate reality Doctor Zoidberg has a PhD in badassery and a Masters in post-apocalyptic fashion sense. Link –image by Monstermash042 via Reddit

Bizarro – At the Atheist Cafe

This Bizarro comic panel made me chuckle. I’m sure you can start a flamewar simply by mentioning the A-word (indeed, Dan Piraro’s blog post on this comic panel has quite a bit of comments), so why don’t we just laugh a bit and carry on? Link – For more Bizarro, check out Dan Piraro’s excellent website [...]