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Top 10 Most Read Books In The World

I had an inclination that The Bible would be number one, but I had no idea by how much. I think it is a little skewed because of the chosen statistics. For one, it is over the last 50 years – which is a long span of time. The firstHarry Potter book wasn’t published until [...]

Sharks and Sandy

Finally, a Jersey Shore cast member I can actually relate to. This photo was supposedly taken in New Jersey in the wake of Sandy. I would venture to guess it’s a fake just on the idea that I doubt a shark would swim inland during a storm like that. As it turns out a lot of [...]

Ramen Head

Don’t ever question how much this man likes Ramen Noodles. Ramen for life. -Via Bits and Pieces

Mudd, the Bouncing Bulldog

(YouTube link) Mudd is so happy to bounce around that he has to bark about it! Mudd’s trampoline has covered springs, a safety net, and an open escape hatch. It’s a dog’s life. -via Bits and Pieces

Do You Speak English?

(YouTube link) Busted! These two guys from Russia were driving through Ukraine and thought they’d be clever and get out of a speeding violation by not understanding the language. They thought. Score one for the Ukrainian cop! -via Bits and Pieces

Dangerous Looking Sculptures Made Out Of Pencil Parts

I don’t think we have to worry about these sculptures made out of pencil parts being stolen, because if someone did try to abscond with one you could easily track the thief by following the trail of blood. Artist Jennifer Maestre clearly didn’t feel the need to win every school yard pencil fight as a child, [...]

Beer Bottle Excavator Trick

(YouTube link) The person operating this Bobcat E50 excavator no longer has to fill out employment applications; he just sends the YouTube link! -via Bits and Pieces


(vimeo link) This animated short story is from Jacob Frey and his fellow students at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg. The real ending comes after the credits begin. -via Bits and Pieces

Gus and the Pool

(YouTube link) Gus and his buddy have a wading pool in the backyard to keep them cool, but Gus has a better idea! -via Bits and Pieces

Joplin: Before and After

NPR posted overhead views of Joplin, Missouri before the tornado hit Sunday, and two days after the devastation. You can move a slider over the pictures to compare the two. Be warned, it’s sad. Link -via Bits and Pieces