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Messing with Mother Nature: 5 Invasion Stories

Introduction of non-native species to a new environment is often done completely by accident. Anywhere people travel, something unseen can be traveling along, too. Planes, ships, and other methods of distant travel have taken critters to places they don’t belong, and we only discover the problems they cause much later. 1. Snakes on Guam Sometime between 1945 [...]

Last Wild Bison Herd in North America Facing Extinction

Image Source (Dan Anderson) In the early 1800s more than 65 million bison roamed North America, now their numbers have been reduced to approximately 3900. Bison in the U.S. are mostly confined within the perimeter of Yellowstone National Park but heavy snows in recent years have led them to roam to lower elevations where it is [...]

Pet Bison Rides in Customized Car

(Video Link) A couple in Canada loves Bailey, their pet bison, so much that they altered their car to allow him to ride in it. The 1,600-pound animal joins them at bars drinking beer. via Urlesque