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Exorcist bishop on call to purge demons

The Bishop of Monmouth has revealed that he helps families by removing poltergeists from their homes. The Bishop, Dominic Walker, claims that a number…

The Evolution of Santa Claus

The following article is reprinted from The Best of Uncle John’ Bathroom Reader. Ever wonder how the Santa Claus of 21st-century Christmas lore came about? Here’s the story of how an almost completely unknown bishop became the most recognized holiday character in Western civilization. A MAN NAMED NICHOLAS In the fourth century A.D., a man named Nicholas [...]

Bishop: church services need to be shorter

The Bishop of Lichfield has raised eyebrows by suggesting that Sunday church services are too long. He argues that services have become too complicate…

Traditional carols are ‘nonsense’, says bishop

A leading bishop has blasted certain traditional Christmas carols as “nonsense” on the grounds that they have turned Jesus in to a Father Christma…

The Late Movies: Ali G

Before Borat, before BrĂ¼no, there was Ali G, a character created by Sacha Baron Cohen to satirize various political and social issues through interviews with public figures. According to Wikipedia: Ali G is a boorish, uneducated, streetwise youth with a deeply stereotypical view of the world, who either embarrasses his interviewee by displaying a mixture of [...]