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Batman-Themed Child’s Birthday Party Is Too Dark

(Video Link) A Batman birthday party? That’s a great idea! Little Ronnie loves Batman. Hire an actor to dress as Batman and entertain the kids. But as this sketch from the Cleveland City Chuckle Squad shows, be specific about which Batman you want. The Brave and the Bold is a more age-appropriate choice than The Dark [...]

Oreo Martini

No, it is not acceptable to serve Manhattans at a child’s birthday party. That’s a completely inappropriate cocktail. Now Oreo and vodka martinis — that’s different. Link -via Tasteologie | Photo: Daydreamer Desserts

This Cake Is Made Of Pure Evil

If you happen to be planning an Evil Dead themed wedding or birthday party, then this Necronomicon shaped cake was made just for you. Entitled the Necronomicnom, if you ingest a slice of this scary pastry, it’s sure to bring out some inner demons. Makes for one hell of a good time! Link

Wacky Birthday Party Superheroes Getting Down

(YouTube Link) Sometimes you get what you pay for, especially when it comes to hired entertainment for a kid’s birthday party. Enter the wackiest collection of superheroes party entertainers I’ve ever seen, getting down in ways which seem totally inappropriate to do in front of a bunch of youngsters. These kids will never look at Spider [...]

Skull Cheese

I’m not really one for Halloween — or at least making decorations like this for a Halloween party. I mean, everyone would expect this sort of thing. To use Martha’s skull cheese platter to full effect, it should be brought out when no one expects it, such as at Easter or Grandma’s birthday party. Link -via [...]