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The Birth Of Black Widow

The Avengers are such an iconic team of superheroes that it seems fitting for them to be celebrated by working them into an iconic painting. Argentinian artist Julian Totino Tedesco shows his love for the classics and comic books with his piece The Birth Of Black Widow, which is based on Botticelli’s masterpiece The Birth Of [...]

How Do Blind People Dream?

Tommy Edison, the Blind Film Critic (yes, for real) has been blind since birth, so he’s qualified to answer that question: "So I’ve bee blind since birth, so I’ve never seen anything [...]

Women Defy Biology to Not Give Birth on Halloween

Is it bad to be born on Halloween? After all, the holiday – which has been traced to have Pagan roots – is all about death and horror. So what’s a pregnant woman who’s due to give birth on October 31st to [...]

Pig with "human face" born after UFO sighting

Santa Cruz El Chol has been the scene of a mysterious birth following sightings of strange lights. Residents of the South American village are convinc…

Brazil’s Girl Power

The birth rate in Brazil has dropped to historically low levels. The average number of births per woman is now just 1.9, and the drop has been quite steep for the past 50 years. What happened? In this predominantly Catholic nation, families of ten or more children were once common, but now Brazilian woman say [...]

When Countries Go Extinct Thanks To Low Birth Rates

Given the low birth rates of some countries (I’m looking at you, Hong Kong* and Singapore), it’s only a matter of time before they simply depopulate themselves out of existence. But how long do they have? The Economist did the (wild) [...]

New Birth Control Pill… for Dogs

Both the ASPCA and Humane Society strongly encourage pet owners to spay and neuter their furry friends to prevent overpopulation (and a dearth of homeless puppies, sad face). It shouldn’t really be a surprise, then, that there is a less invasive option in the works. But let’s face it, it’s kind of a crazy idea, right? Not [...]

16 Lb Baby Might Be The World’s Largest

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to give birth to a 16 pound baby, even if it was through a caesarian. On top of every thing else, you’d have to worry about trying to find clothes for him. Janet Johnson, who just gave birth to a son that might be the world’s [...]

Can You Convince A Birther That He’s Wrong?

Okay. So President Obama recently released his long-form birth certificate to quell the Birthers’ speculation that he’s not a natural-born citizen of the United States. But that’s not the topic of this post (indeed, I’m sure you’ve seen it elsewhere around the Web ad nauseam). The topic of this post is this: even after the release [...]

Cat gives birth to dog ?

Cat-owner Zhou Yun from China has claimed that her pregnant cat has given birth to a dog. The cat had given birth to two offspring, one of which was …