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Tinkle Cards for School

Castle Vale Performing Arts College is a public high school in Birmingham, England. This year, students will be issued a “tinkle card” once a week to use as a bathroom pass. They have to surrender the card when used, and unused cards are collected on Friday and re-issued on Monday. Pupils were also allegedly told their [...]

Satellite Dish Art

When life gives you lemon, make lemonade. When it gives you satellite dishes, you make this. Spotted in Digbeth, Birmingham, UK – via Street Art Utopia

The World’s Only Vegetarian Shark

If you’ve ever wanted to meet the sharks from Finding Nemo that are trying to give up eating fish because, “fish are friends, not food,” then you’d better book a trip to England to visit Birmingham’s National Sea Life Centre. That’s because the center is home to the world’s first and only vegetarian shark. Or at [...]

Vegetarian Shark Eschews Meat

Florence is a nurse shark who lives in an aquarium in Birmingham, UK. She’s a strict vegetarian. Even when her caretakers wrap fish in lettuce, she turns away from it. Instead, she competes with other herbivores for plants: Florence’s mouth is filled with razor-sharp, serrated teeth designed for demolishing fish and crustaceans. Instead she uses them for [...]

10 Marvelously Minute Miniatures

Birmingham-born artist Willard Wigan has been working in miniatures since he was a young boy. But these aren’t just any miniatures, his work is so miniature, it can barely be seen by the naked eye! Check out my favorites below, or more of his work over on his Web site here.

Landlord’s ghost haunts pub

Staff at the Trocadero bar in Birmingham have been spooked by the ghost of a murdered landlord. Henry Skinner, who was killed 116 years ago, is though…

What’s Your All-Time Favorite Amazing Fact?

On Fridays, I post a series of unrelated questions meant to spark conversation in the comments. Answer one, answer all, respond to someone else’s reply, whatever you want. On to this week’s topics of discussion… 1. Besides the thing about John Tyler’s grandsons still being alive, my favorite fact is that the 3 Musketeers was originally [...]

15 Memorable mental_floss Moments of 2011

A lot of exciting things happened in the mental_floss universe in 2011. Here are the 15 we could remember. 1. We Helped Solve a Back to the Future Mystery Back in August, we threw out a question for discussion: “Is it ever explained why Marty hangs out with Doc Brown? He’s just in Doc’s house to start [...]

Kelvin-Helmholtz Wave Clouds

Redditor alison_bee photographed these bizarre clouds over Birmingham, Alabama. I planned to go with the end of the world as an explanation, but another redditor, claiming to be a meteorologist, explains what’s happening in more scientific terms: What is happening is that the nocturnal near-surface layers (lowest 50-100m) of the atmosphere are much more stable than [...]

Airline Hit Up Fliers for Cash Mid-Flight

Airlines these days will hit you up for the darnedest things (Wanna use the toilet? That’ll be £1, please) but this takes the cake: Passengers aboard two chartered jetliners from India to Britain [...]