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What Angry Birds Look Like After The Game

If you’ve ever wondered what the Angry Birds look like after they take down those dastardly pigs, these illustrations by deviantARTist Scooterek should fill you in on what they look like after battle. Their medical bills must be through the roof, good thing their game is so popular! LinkĀ  –via Rampaged Reality

Angry Birds Christmas Lights Game

(YouTube link) You might think you’ve seen enough computerized Christmas lights by now… and I wouldn’t blame you. But this is an actual game. Angry Birds, to be precise. Former Disney Imagineer Ric Turner turned his house into the game with 20,000 lights, an FM audio channel, and controller that people can use to play from [...]

This Bird Is Wearing One Angry Dress

This Angry Birds dress caused quite a stir when Rovio CMO Peter Vesterbacka’s wife wore it to the Finnish Presidential Palace, but why hate on someone representing the game that has taken the world by storm? I mean, the dress is kind of ridiculous looking, and the bird’s eye is a bit too close to [...]

Can animals predict the weather ?

Are animals better at predicting what the weather is going to be like than the Met Office ? For centuries birds and animals have been observed as a wa…

Angry Birds Fan Art

Yummy, it’s like a Thanksgiving feast for your favorite angry avains. If you love those oh-so-angry birds, then check out the fan art dedicated to the game over at BuzzFeed. Link

Smuggler Caught With Hummingbirds In His Pants

Albino hummingbirds may be pretty rare, but for that matter, seeing someone walking around with shorts filled with hummingbirds isn’t an every day sight either. It seems that releasing their birds from their bonds and putting them back in the man’s pants might just be the best punishment for the smuggler. Link Via BoingBoing

Angry Birds As Superheroes

All That Is Apple recently posted these delightful images of Angry Birds as superheroes and the writer is asking for help trying to identify the artist responsible for these funny pictures. If you have any idea, give him a hand by leaving a comment. If not, enjoy the silly images anyway. Link

The Likability of Angry Birds

This poster from The Oatmeal ranks the Angry Birds from awesomely destructive to completely worthless. Where does your favorite rank? And do you think the boomerang bird is really that pathetic? I’ve had some limited success with it… in that one level… once… Link via Buzzfeed

Crocheted Angry Birds

If you’ve always wanted to play angry birds in real life, just get a sling shot and then crochet some birds and pigs like Flickr user deadcraft did. Link

Realistic Angry Birds Cake

Jamie Masterson looked at Angry Birds from a non-cartoony point of view when he and his wife made this cake for the Threadcakes baking competition. Bakers pick a favorite Threadless T and create an edible version of it. In this case, the eggs, birds, slingshot, crown and the pig’s ears are all made of modeling [...]