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San Diego Comic Con 2012 Bingo

Artists Mike Yamada and Victoria Ying have created this cute little bingo card for you to carry around if you’re attending Comic-Con 2012 this week(end). I’ve already got Pit Stains just thinking about the crowds smell fun I’ll have tooling around my beloved Con, and I’ve got my Short Shorts, Browncoat and Eyepatch all laid out [...]

The Missing Links: Wes Anderson Bingo

Photo Gallery of the Day: Behind the Scenes at Paramount Pictures The shot above is from a series of LIFE pictures taken in the 1970s. Can anyone suggest some good sites that have a lot of photographs like these? * Vintage Glasses. Absent Parent. Luke Wilson. Bingo! Wes Anderson fans will want to take a print out of this [...]

Star Wars AT-AT Walker For Geeky Seniors

If you’re having trouble getting around on your own these days, why not take a tip from Star Wars and get this sweet AT-AT styled walker? It will make you the geekiest resident at the senior center, and a big hit with the Leias at bingo night. Cool hydraulic sound effects not included. Link –via Geek Tyrant

Let’s Play Neatorama Bingo!

We’ve had a lot of fun in the past few days as people have submitted bingo card squares for our latest NeatoShop contest. Congratulations to the winners! kkirkpat offered “Mashup Art” and won the Brainier Than the Average Bear t-shirt. Jefferson submitted “International [Something That Doesn't Need a Day] Day and won the Bloody Heart [...]

NeatoShop Contest: Create a Neatorama Bingo Card!

The author of The Fluffpo loves to make fun of the variously loved or loathed Huffington Post, and so made this funny bingo card for readers to play as they read that blog. Presumably the winner gets one of those high-paying writing gigs at the Post. But winners of this contest will get t-shirts. We’re going [...]