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UFO sighted over New York State

A silvery disc-shaped object was sighted over the town of Vestal this month by Brian Titus. Titus had been at Lourdes Hospital in Binghamton when he …

The Origins of 11 Big Box Stores

Saturday may be for small businesses, but Black Friday is all about the big box stores. Here’s a look at the origins of 11 big stores that are probably promising big savings (and long lines) this weekend. 1. Best Buy © Best Buy/St. Paul Business Journal, Michael Maloney/San Francisco Chronicle/Corbis Richard Schulze opened his first Sound of Music [...]

The Quick 10: 10 Book Burnings

This weekend, sadly, marks the anniversary of the bonfire of the vanities. Not that novel from the ‘80s, but the actual bonfire of the vanities, the event in 1497 when thousands of objects that might tempt people to sin were reduced to nothing but ash. Unfortunately, burnings such as this one weren’t that unusual – [...]

Happy 50th Anniversary Twilight Zone!

You are about to enter a dimension of sight and sound…of a column requested by a reader. That’s a signpost up ahead – next stop, TV-Holic’s look at The Twilight Zone. 1. The Truth about the Theme Song Much like the “dum-de-DUM-dum” Dragnet theme, the opening notes of The Twilight Zone theme song have become a pop [...]