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Buses Loaded With IV Drip Dispensers Make The Rounds In Las Vegas

Taking a trip to Las Vegas can result in gamblers losing the shirt right off their back at the game tables, and that feeling of loss often leads to bouts of binge drinking and self loathing. Good thing the Hangover Heaven buses have come to town! Equipped with IV drip dispensers and a soothing air conditioned [...]

One in Six American Adults is a Binge Drinker

According to the CDC, one in six American adults is a binge drinker: The study — which defines binge drinking as five or more drinks in a short period of time for men and four or more for women [...]

Need a Drinking Buddy? Hire One

A company called Kind Fairy in the Ukrainian town of Dniprodzerzhynsk will provide you with a drinking buddy for an evening. It costs about $18. Manager Yulia Peyeva explained: “Virtually all of our people are talented. They can play guitar, sing or recite poetry. Today you may want to talk about art and tomorrow to read [...]

A Fruit Fly Walks Into a Bar…

Big news in the field of alcoholic fruit fly research—when fruit flies are offered unlimited amounts of alcohol, they drink until they pass out. They don’t know when to say when, much like their human counterparts, alcoholics. “The flies choose to consume alcohol to intoxicating levels, they will do so even if alcohol is made unpalatable, [...]