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The Quick 10: George George and 9 Other Reduplicated Names

When people with first name surnames (Aaron, Thomas, etc.) have a child and decide to basically name that child their surname for a first name as well, is it because they think it’s funny? Do they think it has a nice ring to it? Or are they just unimaginative? Whatever their reasoning is, here are [...]

The Late Movies: Ewoks

Remember those little fuzzy bear things that saved the day in the movie Return of the Jedi? An epic generation-long battle between the Rebellion and the Empire culminates in a victory by tiny round teddy bears. Go figure Ewoks, they were, and they got a couple of spin off movies and even an animated TV [...]

In The Beginning: Star Wars

A long time ago, in a state far out west, George Lucas created Star Wars. Striking Back One of our favorite Star Wars fan sites (and yes, we have favorites) has this to say about the origins of the trilogy: “A critic might say, ‘Oh, Lucas combined Flash Gordon with Akira Kurosawa … and sewed it all [...]

9 Movies That Always Make Me Cry

Happens every time. Flipping channels on Sunday, Rudy’s on, and it’s the final game. Obviously, I put down the clicker and prepare to hold back the tears, but it never works. I don’t know what it is about that flick, but every single time I watch I’m transformed into an eight-year-old schoolgirl by the time [...]

Neatorama Shop Story: Space Cupcakes

The following is a Neatorama Shop Story, a narrative starring the products carried in this blog’s very own online store. Stardate: the future as conceived in September, 1962. Cars fly, robots do chores, and meals are reduced to a delicious and fully satisfying caplet, like Xanax in party colors. Stardate: the future as I am [...]