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Living in a Billboard

This has got to be recycling at its best. Why throwout perfectly good billboards when you can reuse them as a living space? I don’t know about you, but how many billboards have you seen that would make a good one bedroom apartment? This may be the idea, but we shall see if it comes [...]

Adiós L.A.

Artist Jon Jackson has lived his entire life in Los Angeles, but has decided to move to New York City to further his career. He’s saying goodbye to his city, or rather, breaking up with her. So Jackson put up 5 billboards expressing why it’s important that they both move forward and start seeing other [...]

Trajan: the Movie Font

Never heard of Trajan? I guess you’re not a graphic designer. But you’ve definitely seen it: it’s everywhere, on every other movie poster you’ve ever seen. My wife works for a movie poster design firm, and sometimes when we drive around LA, which has way more movie poster billboards per block than any other city [...]

Spurned Mistress Buys Billboards

When most people feel cheated by their lover, they complain to friends or maybe trash some of the other person’s property left at their house. But YaVaughnie Wilkins is not most people. After seeing that Oracle President Charles Phillips was going back to his wife, she bought $250,000 worth of billboards in Atlanta, San Francisco and [...]