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Museum Finds Vandalism Charming

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts rented a billboard sign for their exhibition “Titian and the Golden Age of Venetian Painting.” It featured a portion of the nude painting Venus Rising from the Sea. It didn’t stay nude. Apparently, someone thought it was just a little too nipple-y outside. Even if this is some kind of Midwestern [...]

Anti-Drunk Driving Billboard

Talking about driving your point home! Pictured above is a billboard created by the government of Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia, to discourage drunk driving. The text on the back side, according to English Russia, reads “Your body could have been here.” Link via Jalopnik | Photo: English Russia


The Seattle-based design firm Lead Pencil Studio created this installation at the US-Canadian border. It’s supposed to give the impression of a billboard: the sculpture is made from small stainless steel rods that are assembled together to create the negative space of a billboard. while most billboards draw attention away from the landscape ‘non-sign II’ frames [...]

World’s First Cheese Billboard

A giant advertising billboard made from 110kg of cheese has been revealed in Covent Garden, London — bizarrely to promote broadband internet services.The 5m x 4m cheese sculpture features an image of Speedy Gonzales the cartoon mouse (the only link to cheese we can think of) and the text “Super Speedy Broadband.”Virgin Media say the [...]

Johnson’s World of Softness pop up billboard

People walk past Johnson’s World of Softness pop-up billboard featuring live models advertising 24 hour body lotion, at Westfield Shopping Centre, in west London.Source : Metro

Embarrassing Billboard Typo

A billboard bragging about the schools in South Bend, Indiana was erected without anyone noticing a certain misspelled word, until Lee MacMillan took a picture and posted it on Facebook. Responsibility for the spelling error has been claimed by the Blue Waters Group. The company does work for the city of South Bend’s redevelopment commission to [...]

Billboard Provokes Christmas Controversy

St. Matthew-In-The-City Anglican church in Auckland, New Zealand considers itself a liberal place of worship, and this year it erected a billboard that was intended to provoke thought about the literal meaning of Christmas. So far all they’ve provoked is the collective rage of area Christians. Archdeacon Glynn Cardy defends the church’s message: “This billboard is trying [...]