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Guitar Pee

Gotta pee? Urine for a treat! Men can now relieve themselves, strum a few chords, and play Micturition Hero with this: Guitar Pee, by Billboard Brasil. It’s now "touring" the restrooms of various bars [...]

Man Advertised on Billboard to Get a Job

Bennett Olson was unemployed and desparate for a job, so he decided to do a bit of creative advertising to get hired: In April, Olson paid $300 for an 8-second time slot on an electronic [...]

13 Simpsons Jokes That Actually Came True

Four years ago, we published an article called Life Imitates The Simpsons, containing six plots from the TV show The Simpsons which later happened in the real world. In the years since, many more Simpsons plots were prescient of, or else inspired, real-life incidents. Ranker now has a list of 13 Simpsons Jokes That Actually [...]

Some Of The Sketchiest Lawyer Billboards I’ve Ever Seen

As an attorney trying to use a billboard to attract new clients, it’s probably best to show the client why they should hire you, not how incompetent, insane or downright creepy you are. These guys and gals aim to show the entire city why their services should be avoided at all cost. Link

Shopdropped Cereal Boxes

Something’s just a bit different about these cereal boxes created by Ron English, but I can’t put my finger on it. But seriously, last week I discovered that Lucky Charms are totally awesome for supper. Think outside the box, you know. Link -via Super Punch Previously by Ron English: Dissected Captain America Illegal McDonald’s Billboard

Billboard Shadow Art

Most companies wouldn’t care for an ad that only makes sense during a certain time of day, but this one is so cool that people are clamoring to see it. Using about 3,000 Newcastle bottle caps, artists Pablo Power and Ellis Gallagher created a San Diego billboard that makes its point by using shadows. Link [...]

Coca-Cola Billboard Made of Plants

Photo link There’s a lot of green activity happening in this Coca-Cola billboard in the Philippines. The cola giant partnered with the World Wide Fund for Nature to create a 60×60 ft. billboard made of 3,600 Fukien tea plants, a breed excellent at absorbing air pollutants. The pots the tea plants sit in are made of [...]

Living in a Billboard

This has got to be recycling at its best. Why throwout perfectly good billboards when you can reuse them as a living space? I don’t know about you, but how many billboards have you seen that would make a good one bedroom apartment? This may be the idea, but we shall see if it comes [...]

The Ultimate in Bad Product Placement: Walking Dead Billboard Next to a Funeral Parlor

Someone wasn’t using his braaaaaiiiinss here: a billboard advertising the zombie series Walking Dead was put right beside a funeral parlor in Consett, County Durham, England. The ad has since been removed, but the infamy will be undead forever on the Net. Link (Photo: North News) – via The Mary Sue

Scumbags Welcome At This Church

A Church in Florida is on a mission to bring scumbags closer to God. Pastor Moses Robbins of the Saturday Night Live Church in Florida feels so strongly about his calling that he commissioned a billboard. It simply states, “Scumbags Welcome!” What’s on the agenda for his next billboard? Robbins said he is planning to post another controversial message [...]