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This Candy Bicycle Looks Like A Sweet Ride

This candy covered Huffy bike by Britta Hope looks like a dream come true for a sugarholic like me! It’s a good thing there’s a real bike under all that candy, because I’d probably end up eating an entire wheel, or taking a big old bite out of the frame and then I’d end up without [...]

Rail Bike

Twenty minutes ago, I had never heard of rail bikes. Maker of this rail bike and Velospace member Stinky Pete writes, “This is what happnes when a person works nights with too much time to think.” I should start working nights if it produces marvels like this. Link -via Make | More Rail Bikes

Glow Brightz and Bike Brightz

  Glow Brightz – $17.95 Bike Brightz- $11.95 Are you looking for a way to turn your old two-wheeler into a cool futuristic ride? You need the Glow Brightz and Bike Brightz from the NeatoShop.¬†Glow Brightz and Bike Brightz easily attach to any bike. Glow Brightz and Bike Brightz are also great for pimping out strollers. Check out the [...]

The 7 Most Extreme Paths Ever

I don’t know about you guys, but this bike path in Ireland does not look like a place I’d want to take a trek. Oddee has even more outrageous paths for your viewing enjoyment and fear-inducing travel inspiration. Link

Woman Steals Back Her Stolen Bike

When Kathryn Lucas of Colorado found her stolen bike for sale on Craigslist, she took action. She arranged to purchase the bike from the thieves, verified it was indeed hers, and then “test rode” it all the way to her car, where she loaded it up and brought it home. Once she got home, she called [...]

Wireless brake is the future of cycling

Wireless bike brake that fails only three times in a trillion could revolutionize bike control systems. German scientists are working on a new braking…

Ron Arand Bike

At first glance, Ron Arand’s designer bike looks like a typical unusable art piece. However, the bike is actually completely rideable and up for auction by the Elton John AIDs Foundation. 18 strips of steel are attached together to form flower-like wheels that roll with tension. Guests at the W Hotel in Leicester Square, London [...]

Moto Undone

It may not be exactly the invisible bike, but designer Joey Ruiter came pretty close with his "Moto Undone:" At jruiter I.D. we want to re-set the definition of a motorbike stripping away historical attributes that make them so great. [...]

Bike Hack: Attach a Seat Belt to the Inside of a Tire to Prevent Flats

Matt of Bike Hikes has an interesting idea. He’s put old seat belts inside the tires of his bicycle to make them more resistant to punctures: The idea is very simple – put something between the tire and the inner tube to stop glass and other objects. So I found some old car seat belts left [...]

Laser Guided Bike Lane

While there are many reasons riding a bike is beneficial (great exercise, good for the environment) bike lanes on the side of city streets can prove hazardous for motorists and bicyclists alike. A new laser guided bike lane system may ease up the on road tension by giving drivers a heads up when there are [...]