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Bicycle Santa

Photo: Patrick Pleu/AFP/Getty Images German bicycle designer Didi Senft is the builder of the world’s largest bicycle and the largest mobile guitar, which was made out of bike parts. He likes bicycles. He is also known as “El Diablo” of the Tour de France because he always dresses up as a devil for the event. This year, [...]

Heated Bicycle Lanes

Driving a car in snow and ice is dangerous enough. But when you get down to just two wheels and you run the risk of skidding and hitting a car, you’re facing serious danger. That’s why the Netherlands is considering heating bike lanes with underground pipes: In this report from the Netherlands De Telegraaf news site, the Dutch Cyclists Union [...]

Human Motorcycle Body Painting

Talk about your well designed vehicles! These mean street studio machines are sporting four manpower engines and a bold look that’ll make people say “whaaaaa??!” Extremely flexible folks are painted and posed rather precariously on top of one another to form each bike shape, and they come in three varieties-sport bike, dirt bike and cruiser. Because of the [...]

Six Kids, One Bike

Like many people, Emily Finch gave up her big SUV for a bicycle. But what makes this story unusual is that she’s a mother of six and yes, she bikes them around town in [...]

Surgeon Commandeers Pink Bike to Get to Work

Dr. Catherine Baucom was on her way to the Elliot Mastology Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where a patient was waiting for her to perform surgery on Wednesday morning. But an accident on I-10 created a huge traffic jam in which hundreds of cars were stopped. That’s when Baucom took matters into her own hands, [...]

Video Of A Flying Bike In Action

(YouTube Link) This video shows a flying (hovering, really) bike created by Aerofex floating across the desert floor, proving that our Star Wars landspeeder/speeder bike dreams will soon be coming true. It can go as fast as 30 mph, and as high as 15 feet off the ground, and once they’ve supplied the military Aerofex is going [...]

Mutant Bikes of the 1940s

Photo: Wallace Kirkland/Time & Life Pictures Forget the hipster fixie bike and say hello to the mutant bicycles of the 1940s. LIFE magazine wrote: “By artfully applying welders’ torches to metal tubing, the [...]

Now That’s One Good Looking Steampunk Bike

I’m not sure if you’re supposed to call this a bicycle or a tricycle, since it has two wheels in the back; regardless, it is one beautiful piece of vehicular art.   Created by Roger Wood of Klockwerks, it was made for a show involving kinetic sculptures, and it’s safe to say that his Steampunk bike was [...]

Norman The Bike Riding Dog

(YouTube Link) The dog featured in this video is named Norman, and he really gets around town on his custom, monogrammed bike! He’s eager to show the neighbors that he’s more evolved than their mutts, and his sweet haircut should make him a hit with the local females. And if Norman ever starts his own canine bike gang [...]

Man Stole Own Bicycle Back After Spotting it on Craigslist

Danny Lesh noticed that his stolen bike ended up for sale on Craigslist. When police declined to intervene, Danny decided to take justice into his own hands (or feet, in this case): After haggling over [...]