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Office Workers Stop Bike Theft

(YouTube link) Neatoramanaut Naimul brings us video of an event that happened at his workplace, WCG in San Francisco. A thief brazenly cuts through a bike chain and takes off on the bicycle, right in front of the office windows. The first one out the door is a designer named Kristen. People have complained that we didn’t [...]

Hipster Trap

This photo of a hipster trap is allegedly from New York City. Contents: brightly-colored bike chain, American Spirit cigarettes, can of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, and plastic glasses. It just needs a Moleskine notebook to lure in more hesitant prey. via Geekosystem

Badass Movie Weapons

Cool Material blog has a neat round-up of the most badass weapons ever used in the movies. This one above, of course, is from Evil Dead: Chainsaws have quite a few different users: artists, loggers, Tree Surgeons (Yes, really.), and Ash from the Evil Dead series. Most of those people use the gasoline-powered, motorized, bladed bike-chain [...]