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Apparently Some Big Cats Enjoy Marmite

(Video Link) Mice are one thing, but I still thought that big cats had better taste than this -evidently some of them even enjoy Marmite. Blech! Via I Can Has Cheezburger

Fresh Impressions on Brandmarks

(YouTube link) When a five-year-old girl recognizes your brand logo, you’ve done it right. Of course, when your dad is in the logo design business, you might have a leg up. Adam Ladd’s daughter knows her logos, but as far as big cats go. she just likes cheetahs. -via Laughing Squid

DNA tests to solve mystery of big cats

DNA tests are to be carried out in the UK to determine once and for all if big cats exist in the wild. The test will be conducted on the remains of a …

Big Cats Love Pizza

(Video Link) Who knew big cats were so into pizza?…Or at least the residual smell of it left on the boxes. Via I Can Has Cheezburger

Big Cats and Laser Pointers

(YouTube link) Last year, the folks at Big Cat Rescue showed us how big cats react to catnip. Here they investigate another burning question: will big cats chase a laser dot the way house cats do? Let’s hide and watch. -via The Daily What

25 Big Cat Pictures

Learn about the different species of big cats as you enjoy photographs by zoo photographer and “cat whisperer” Akishin Vyacheslav. Shown is a leopard with startling blue eyes. Link -via Digg