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Bicycle Taxidermy

If you’re a bicyclist, these are probably either really cool or really disturbing at first glance. Regan Appleton doesn’t mow down bicyclists and collect their handlebars as trophies. He memorializes treasured bikes by mounting their handlebars on taxidermy plaques along with engraved epitaphs. Link -via Inhabitat

Are Bicyclists Menace to Society?

There are many more pedestrian fatalities involving cars, but the recent death caused by an allegedly negligent bicyclist who ran a red light and plowed into pedestrians crossing the street in San Francisco and [...]

Drafting Like a Boss

Watch how this daredevil (helmet? what’s that?) bicyclist goes 55 mph by drafting behind a truck. He’d better pray the truck doesn’t brake all of the sudden: Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] [...]

Driver Attemps Hit and Run, Gets Blocked in By Other Drivers

(Video Link) On Monday, a teen driver rear-ended a bicyclist in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He then attempted to flee. A quick-thinking bus driver immediately stopped his bus across both lanes of the road. Another driver cut off any escape to the rear, boxing in the assailant’s car. As I watched this video, I was particularly impressed by [...]

Are Urban Bicyclists Snobs?

You’ve seen them (or maybe you are one): holier-than-thou urban bicyclist who think they’re better than their environmentally destructive, car-driving brethren. Will Doig of Slate’s Dream City blog is a cyclist – and he has [...]

A Professional Cyclist’s Leg

George Hincapie, a professional bicyclist, has competed in fifteen Tour de France races. That kind of consistent athletic effort will produce an impact on the human body, as this photograph shows. Link -via Doobybrain | Photo: Bettini Photography

Cirque Eloize Bicyclist

(YouTube link) Chris Unitt was brave enough to become a prop for a bicyclist during a promotion for Cirque Eloize in Boston. He’s got more nerves than I do! Link -via The Daily What