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Bicycle Santa

Photo: Patrick Pleu/AFP/Getty Images German bicycle designer Didi Senft is the builder of the world’s largest bicycle and the largest mobile guitar, which was made out of bike parts. He likes bicycles. He is also known as “El Diablo” of the Tour de France because he always dresses up as a devil for the event. This year, [...]

Bicycle Chain Chandelier

It’s a bicycle “chain”delier, get it? Caro Fontoura Alzaga handsculpted gorgeous chandeliers made from recycled bike chains. Take a look at some others over at her Etsy shop: Link - via Make

Flitz: The Flintstones Bike

If walking is just too easy for you, try the Flintstones bike. Here’s Fliz, a pedal-less "bicycle" dreamt up by designers Tom Hambrock and Yuri Spetter. Watch it in action: Link – via EcoChunk and [...]

You Can Get People out of Your Way with a Bicycle Bell, Even if You Don’t Have a Bicycle Attached to It

(Video Link) This Japanese-language video appears to show a man making room for himself on busy sidewalks with a bicycle bell. He doesn’t have a bicycle with him — just the bell. But when he rings it, pedestrians stand aside anyway. -via The Presurfer

Lawn Chair Wheelchairs

Don Schoendorfer makes wheelchairs out of lawn chairs and bicycle wheels. His hobby was inspired by a woman in India who crawled across the dirt because she had no wheelchair. After building 100 of the inexpensive chairs, Schoendorfer founded the organization Free Wheelchair Mission in order to get the chairs shipped to those who need [...]

Top 10 Unique Bikes

A bicycle can be an art medium just as much as a canvas or a wall, right? Imagine riding around on this flamingo bicycle, with all eyes upon you! This is just one of Ten Unique Bikes (many of them roadworthy) compiled in a list at Unique Daily. Link (Image credit: Flickr user David’s digits)

Desk Doubles as Bicycle Rack

The design called PIT IN uses a desk or table as a bike rack. The bicycle seat then serves as a chair while you work or take a break. That is, if you are OK with sitting on a bicycle seat while you’re not riding. This could only be comfortable if my bicycle had a [...]

Ride The Bench

If one bicycle seat is kind of uncomfortable (at least for us fatties), how about 22 of them? Here’s Jeremy Petrus’ Mishmash bench, made from Selle Royal’s bicycle seats: Link – via Core77

For the Ultimate Solution to Bicycle Theft, Use an Old Bank Vault

The Spalding Building in Portland, Oregon, has perhaps the most formidable-looking bicycle storage facility in the world. It consists of repurposed bank vaults: Tenants of the 12-story structure can lock their rides up in one of two vaults converted to bike storage in the ex-bank part of the building (and scrub down in the nearby showers [...]

Bicycle Chain Chandeliers

Carolina Fontoura Alzaga’s edgy chandeliers made from bicycle chains are inspired by victorian chandeliers but add a contemporary bike culture twist. The recycled bicycle parts become a representation of the dismissed, invisible, and powerless, but also an affirmation of self-propelled movement. The bicycle chandelier thereby creates a new third meaning of reclaimed agency. Link – Via Notcot