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Would You Do The Dewdriver?

How do you turn Mountain Dew into a morning beverage? Just add orange juice, of course. While Taco Bell is calling their creation Mountain Dew A.M., I prefer Dewmosa or Dewdriver. Would you enjoy a Mountain Dew A.M. or do you think it would be disgusting? I don’t think it would be too bad. Link Via The [...]

10 Bizarre Chinese Soft Drinks

No, this beverage is not an anti-Semitic hate crime in a can, it’s actually a canned mushroom juice made with Black Wood Ear mushroom, which is also called jew’s ear. InventorSpot has more wonderfully strange beverage options from China for your weird drinking pleasure. Link

10 Celebrities With Their Own Beverages

If you live for celebrity food and beverage lines, then you’ll love Mental Floss’s list of 10 Celebrity Refreshments. Personally, I’d like to mix some of The Situation’s Devotion vodka mixed with some of Rush Limbaugh’s Two if by Tea. It might not be the most delicious drink, but the conflicting celebrity endorsements must give it [...]


Canouflage – $4.95 Are you embarrassed by your beverage? Camouflage it with the Canouflage from the NeatoShop. This great set of 4 reusable vinyl can wraps will keep your true beverage of choice safely hidden. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more Gag Gifts and Pranks. Link