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The Orphaned Joey & Wombat Who Became Best Friends

Anzac the Joey was discovered in the wild without his mother, so the adorable little orphan was brought to the Wild about Wildlife Kilmore Rescue Centre. When the little guy started to get lonely, keepers put him together with Peggy the wombat and now the two are best friends. While their story is undoubtedly cute, [...]

Kitty Swims With Its Doggy Friends

Have you ever wondered what happens when a kitty jumps off a boat to go swimming with two dogs, who happen to be its best friends? Flickr user Terrie Olesky-Tyge can answer your question with her adorable collection of pictures featuring exactly that scenario. Link Via BuzzFeed

Dogs Performing Synchronized Licking

(Video Link) Now these animals must be best friends if they even lick together in time. I’m assuming they’re eating peanut butter, is there anything else that leaves dogs licking like that? Link