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Terrifying Bento Boxes Too Creepy To Eat

Don’t you hate it when you lose your appetite because your lunch looks like it wants to eat you?! It takes a lot of guts to chow down on these horrifying bento boxes, and having an affinity for food shaped like internal organs doesn’t hurt. I wonder what they used to make that nasty looking tongue? Link –via [...]

How to Make a Hot Dog Fairy

Unlike most of you, I did not grow up in a household that believed in the Hot Dog Fairy. So the tradition of placing a piece of hot dog in the dirty laundry on a new moon was not a part of my childhood. But do I plan to share the innocent joy of the [...]

The Nightmare Before Christmas Bento Boxes

Food artist Gina Lee made a bento boxes inspired by the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas: Ol’ Jack is made up of nothing more than rice, black sesame seeds, and nori. Sally got it going on with a face of eggwhite, eyes of cheese, seeds and nori. Nose of mustard seeds, mouth of nori and bologna. [...]