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Canadian Dance Moves

(YouTube link) If this video is any guide at all, Canadian dance by re-enacting their everyday lives. The song is “Canadian, Please,” by Julia Bentley and Andrew Gunadie. -via Nag on the Lake, who says This is how we shake it in the Great White North.

Automotive Madness (Funny Pics)

“QUANTUM SHOT” #690Link – article by Avi Abrams Extraordinary (Idiotic) Drivers and Their Magnificent Machines Most of these cars and their lucky owners are from Russia and Eastern Europe… Not that in “Soviet (or post-Soviet) Russia the car gets to own YOU”, but perhaps because the people are more desperate to use whatever they got to keep [...]

Archive: February 2011

Weird Vintage Ads: Outrageous! Disclaimer: we have nothing to do with this. Cats Ready to Kill You The Bad and the Ugly (without the Good) Painted Trees in the Mountains of Colorado Psychedelic Dead Trees Revived Love & Romance! (Vintage and Funny Pics) Weirdness and glamour: opposites attract! Making Exotic Cars: Behind-the-Scenes Photos See how Maserati, Bentley, and other supercars are made The Coolest PC [...]

Making Exotic Cars: Behind-the-Scenes Photos

“QUANTUM SHOT” #676Link – by Avi Abrams See How Dodge Viper, Maserati, Bentley, and Other Supercars are Made – on National Geographic Channel’s “Ultimate Factories” this month We’ve seen how Morgan cars are made (by hand, out of wood!), and now it’s time to showcase new episodes of the Ultimate Factories, covering the making of Maserati, Mercedez-Benz, [...]

The First Snowflake Photograph

We’ve seen some amazing photographs of snowflakes taken by microscope cameras. Did you know the first photograph of a single snowflake dates back to 1885? Wilson A. Bentley adapted a microscope to a bellows camera and worked for years before his first successful snowflake photograph. In 1903, he sent 500 prints of his snowflakes to the [...]