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Graffiti With Something to Say

Street artist Mobstr always ensures his work says something…literally. His sarcastic, pithy messages are a refreshing and humorous alternative to all the political graffiti many of us are used to seeing. Plus, they have the benefit of being something you can’t disagree with. Link Via Laughing Squid

A Classic Tale of Pre-Teen Embarrassment and Geography

The pre-teen years are typically pretty awkward. Luckily, most of us enjoyed the benefit of not having those moments broadcast to the TV masses. Gregg Gethard wasn’t quite so fortunate. The Philadelphia comedian recently shared with Comic vs. Audience the hilarious tale of his appearance on early 90s game show Where In The World [...]

Reindeer help Christmas trees grow

New studies have shown that reindeer directly benefit the scotch pine and other trees sold at Christmas. Normally reindeer are associated with Christm…