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Ben Folds Five And Fraggles = Awesome Music Video

(YouTube Link) It’s quite possible that the Ben Folds Five are using the Fraggles in order to bring in those all important Gen X bucks, and that’s okay. We don’t have enough Fraggles in our lives, and Ben Folds Five really knows how to lay down a super def jammy jam, so bring on the fuzzy puppets [...]

The Missing Links: Ben Folds Five + The Muppets

A Shot of Reel Life FILMography holds up screenshots from famous films over the NYC locations where they were shot. * Where Was Maxwell’s Silver Hammer When This Lady Was Singing? Have a listen to the worst Beatles covers ever. * Ben Folds Five + The Muppets What’s not to love? Unless you don’t like Ben Folds Five and [...]

The Late Movies: Happy Birthday, Ben Folds!

Today Ben Folds celebrates his 46th birthday, and we rock along with him. I’ve always liked Ben — his mix of emotional and geeky songs appeals to me, as do his guts in naming his three-piece band “Ben Folds Five.” Let’s check a few classic performances by the man and (at times) his [...]

11 Dare-Devil Stunts That Pushed Human Limits

An Austrian dare-devil named Felix Baumgartner plans to break the world record for highest skydive in August. After taking an air balloon to 120,000 feet, he’ll step out of his helium cocoon at the edge of space and break the sound barrier on his way back to earth. Sound exciting? It’s already been done. Here’s a [...]

Happy 80th, William Shatner!

Today is William Shatner’s 80th birthday. It’s hard to believe that Captain Kirk is an octogenarian, and frankly, he seems busier now than he has been in years — he’s actively working on multiple TV shows (one’s even on a major network), he’s got an autobiography on bookshelves, and the Original Captain even has a [...]

The Late Movies: Fantastic Music Collaborations

Last week on The Colbert Report, noted folk / alt-rocker Jeff Tweedy (of Wilco fame) played a track with legendary soul singer Mavis Stapes. This performance inspired me to put together a list of other famous artists who have collaborated together. Some are pure awesome. Some not so much. I know I’ve missed a ton…leave [...]

Ben Folds + Nick Hornby + Pomplamoose = Adorable

Musician Ben Folds and novelist Nick Hornby (High Fidelity, About a Boy, lots more) have just released a new album called Lonely Avenue. To build a little buzz, Folds and Hornsby collaborated with internet phenoms Pomplamoose as their backing band, creating a “Video Song.” The result has Hornby doing some spoken word (though the album [...]