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Insert Coin to Remove Belt

This belt buckle looks great -especially the fact that it lights up. The only problem? You know people will constantly hitting the coin eject button. Link Via BoingBoing

Bad Posture Belt Yells at You for Slouching

Your mom can’t be with you all day, so Ellen Sundh has created a belt that yells at you when you slouch: The bend sensor is fitted in a belt together with the rest of the electronics. By placing the [...]

Legal Argument: Technically Speaking, the Law Doesn’t Require That the Seat Belt Be Attached to the Car

Paul Weigand of Kansas argued with the court that the state statute requiring people to wear seat belts while riding in a car didn’t specifically assert that the seat belt (not pictured) had to be attached to the vehicle in question: An officer ticketed Paul Weigand during a winter traffic stop after making him get out [...]

Inflatable Seat Belt

(YouTube Link) Ford is developing a seat belt that inflates when the car detects a crash. In The Wall Street Journal, Matthew Dolan writes: Its inflatable rear seat belts spread crash forces over five times more area of the body than conventional seat belts, said Sue Cischke, Ford group vice president of sustainability, environmental and safety engineering Each [...]