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Tinker Bell Treasure Chest

Tinker Bell Treasure Chest – $47.45 (front and inside shown) Are you looking for a very special place to store your favorite lost things? You need the Tinker Bell Treasure Chest from the NeatoShop. This beautiful collector piece features Tinker Bell squeezing out of the center of a lock. Open up the box and you will [...]

Heads-Up, Fourthmeal Fans: 9 Secret Menu Items at Taco Bell

You could argue (successfully) that every item at Taco Bell tastes pretty much the same. But if you’re eager to impress, or just long for the days the Enchirito (shown above) was still available, here’s your guide to snagging nine foods no one else in the place even knows about. The Superman, the Hulk, and [...]

Here’s Your Jetpack

Jetpacks have long been a staple of American futurism: we believe that soon, just down the line a bit, we’ll be able to strap on a jet-powered backpack and fly to work. But, decade after decade, no jetpacks. At least not at my house. The “Where’s My Jetpack?” notion is such [...]

Taco Bell to the Rescue of Alaska Town

When residents of the remote town of Bethel, Alaska, learned that the news of a Taco Bell opening was a hoax, their hearts were crushed. But when Taco Bell learned of the story, it came [...]

Ducks Step in To Ring Bell

For 800 years, it has been tradition that the swans in the moat at the Bishop’s Palace in Somerset, England ring a bell to be fed. Tourists come to see the swans in action, and new swans are trained occasionally to carry on the tradition. However, the newest pair of swans are shy and have [...]

Most People Are Actually Below Average

Reach back into the deep recesses of your mind and recall the bell curve from that statistics class. That Gaussian distribution is what most people think when they measure human performance (be it a [...]

Tempest Prognosticator

George Merryweather was a doctor in Whitby, on the British coast of Yorkshire. He was also an inventor. …the thing which Mr. Merryweather became truly famous for was his “Atmospheric, Electromagnetic Telegraph, conducted by Animal Instinct,” or, more shortly, his Tempest Prognosticator,” which he built for the Great Exhibition of 1851. It is a beautiful [...]

Delicious Angry Birds Pizza

Red bell peppers, olives, mushrooms and whatever that yellow stuff is have never looked so menacing on a pizza before. Link Via Geeks Are Sexy

Drunk Man Tries to Use Taco as ID, Police Reject It

A man passed out in the drive-through lane at a Taco Bell in Jensen Beach, Florida. When police arrived and asked for ID, the suspect pulled a taco out of his pocket and offered it to the officer: A deputy awoke Falkner and then asked for his ID. Falkner said no before reaching into his bag [...]

You Can Get People out of Your Way with a Bicycle Bell, Even if You Don’t Have a Bicycle Attached to It

(Video Link) This Japanese-language video appears to show a man making room for himself on busy sidewalks with a bicycle bell. He doesn’t have a bicycle with him — just the bell. But when he rings it, pedestrians stand aside anyway. -via The Presurfer