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Pop Culture May Hurt Romance

Do you believe in romantic love like in the movies? If so, you may be hurting your real relationship: In the study, 392 married individuals were surveyed about their relationship satisfaction, expectations and commitment, as well as their belief in television portrayals of romantic relationships and viewing frequency. [...] The participants who had higher belief in TV [...]

Do men and women believe different things ?

New research has indicated that belief in various paranormal topics differs between men and women. While both genders tend to believe in paranormal to…

Untranslatable Words, Explained with Science Fiction and Fantasy Novels

Anyone who speaks a second language can tell you that there are foreign words that do not have exact translation in English (and vice versa). Sometimes it’s hard work to explain the words, but it can be fun … [...]

Did dinosaurs explode ?

Swiss scientists have debunked the widely held belief that some deceased dinosaurs exploded after death. The concept stems from the discovery of fossi…

The World’s Saddest Horse

Of course, while the stallion may be embarrassed beyond belief, the little girl looks ridiculously happy with her cute outfit and amazing costume. Link Via BuzzFeed

Near-death experiences on the rise

Its one of the most enduring questions of all time – just what does happen when we die ? In ABC’s “Beyond Belief: Near Death Experiences” survivors wh…

Russian Sect Worships Putin

An all-female religious sect has sprung up in Russia with a rather unusual belief that Vladimir Putin is actually Paul the Apostle. I can see why. I mean, just look at him all macho and shirtless. Surely you agree (heck the guy’s even met Reagan!): “According to the Bible, Paul the Apostle was a military commander [...]

The brain really can be half asleep

Study shows that contrary to popular belief, the brain is never always awake nor always asleep. Have you ever been unable to remember where you put yo…

11 jump from window fleeing devil

11 people jumped out a second-floor window in France in the belief that the devil was chasing them. The bizarre incident occured in La Verriere at 3 i…

The mechanics of a coin toss

Researchers in Vancouver have found that it is possible to influence the outcome of a coin toss and that contrary to popular belief the chance of …