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Face of Jesus appears on tree stump

A cemetary in Belfast has become the latest scene of an alleged case of divine intervention. When an otherwise ordinary looking tree was felled at Bel…

Titanic Belfast

The RMS Titanic was built in Belfast, Nothern Ireland, and as the 100th anniversary of the ship’s first and last voyage comes up, so is the new museum dedicated to the Titanic and the people who built her. Titanic Belfast is an architectural wonder designed to be reminiscent of the ship itself, situated on the [...]

7 Giant Fences Dividing Good Neighbors

The existing 650-mile fence along the U.S.-Mexican border has been a hot political topic in the States for the last few years, and with the Republican primary campaign in full swing, it’s making headlines again. Already, Michele Bachmann has promised to build a “double-walled fence” along the entire 2,000-mile border, while Herman Cain has said [...]

Don’t Do Drugs, Kids

This is allegedly an ad for an anti-littering campaign in Belfast, UK. But it would work pretty well for anti-drug campaign as well. Or a commercial for adult undergarments. Link -via The Uniblog

$1000 Popsicle

The Marquis Los Cabos resort in Mexico now offers a thousand-dollar popsicle. What makes it so pricey? It’s made with 24-carat gold flakes and a luxury band of tequila that costs $1500 a bottle. The icy treat is served poolside on a classic plastic stick and has a little sugar in it to take the edge [...]

Adorable Baby Pudu is Adorable

The Southern Pudu is the smallest species of deer in the world, and one was recently born at a zoo in Belfast, UK. When fully grown, Pudu are about 17 inches tall. This baby weighs only as much as a pint of milk! You can view more pictures at the link. Link via NotCot | Photo: [...]

Step Back In Time. Belfast, 1901.

YouTube link. This two-minute video, from the Mitchell and Kenyon Collection of the British Film Institute, does not show any historically important or humorous events. Instead, what one sees is a view from a horse-drawn tramcar on Royal Street in Belfast at the beginning of the last century. If you find this interesting, there are three companion [...]

RMS Titanic Only Existing Footage

(You Tube Link) Here is a rare video of the Titanic under construction at the Harland and Wolff shipyards in Belfast. Construction, funded by J.P. Morgan’s International Mercantile Marine Co., began in March, 1909. Via Open Culture

3 Unusual Twitter accounts worth following

1. @Cookbook Maureen Evans is a 27-year-old from British Columbia who’s studying for a master’s in creative writing at Queen’s University Belfast. But her 18,231 followers don’t know that… at least not most of them. To them, she’s @Cookbook, and she’s dropping recipes on them, 140 characters at a time. Here are a couple recent ones [...]