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‘Star Trek Girl’ – Not Sure if Want

(YouTube link) Felicia Day, behold what you have wrought and despair! Yes, we all want to date your avatar, but a dozen 14-year-olds in Redshirt gear, flailing like one of those extra-creepy snake handler church revivals, with the autotuner turned up to 11? Maybe not so much. Yes, it’s super-charming and adorable. Kinda. I applaud the [...]

Bicycle Typogram

Sometimes all you need are some creative words to illustrate your idea. Behold the Bicycle Typogram by Aaron Kuehn for the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition: Link (you’ve got to see at full-screen to capture all the clever details)

World’s Largest Sushi Arrangement

Norway and China aren’t two countries you’d normally associate with sushi, but here we are. Behold the world’s largest sushi arrangement or moritsuke, created by Norwegian chefs in celebration of the ten millionth importation of Norwegian Salmon. Now, I don’t know if all those sushi were consumed after being displayed for some time, but if they [...]

Pokémon Maxi Pad

Wha…? Is that …? Really? Yes, it is. Behold the reusable Pokémon-themed maxi pad, made by Etsy seller NaturallyHip. I’m sure there’s a joke in there somewhere. And while we’re at it, this product certainly does add a twist to the Pokemon motto of “gotta catch ‘em all,” doesn’t it? Link – via The Zeray Gazette