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Cuckoo Bees Invade Other Hives

A newly-discovered bee doesn’t build hives. It sneaks into existing hives and lays eggs in order to take over! Dr. Jakub Straka of Charles University in Prague and Dr. Michael S. Engel of the University of Kansas observed five species of cuckoo bees in the Republic of Cape Verde off the coast of Africa. According to [...]

A Bee Hotel

Would you like to encourage wild, solitary bees to live near your home? You can build a bee hotel that provides the amenities that bees on the go are looking for. Bundle together shoots of bamboo or just drill deep, wide holes into blocks of wood. Hang the assembly in a place that gets plenty [...]

‘Perfectly intact’ remains of 60 people found

A 1,100-year-old tomb containing the remains of 60 people has been discovered in Peru. It is thought that the remains were those of people who had bee…

Men Compete to be World’s Best Bee Wearer

Two Chinese beekeepers competed against each other yesterday in an attempt to break the world record of bee wearing (who knew?). Wearing only shorts, goggles and nose plugs, each of the men wore Queen Bees on their bodies to see who could attract the most bees in an hour. In case you’re wondering, the answer [...]

China holds bee-wearing contest

Fearless bee keepers attempted to attract the most bees on to their own bodies using a queen as a lure. The competitors stood on a set of scales to al…

Dead Bees Used in Ads

Video link Sounds gross, I know, but it’s actually a pretty interesting concept. To try to call attention to the bee plight in London, Capital Bee, a campaign that promotes community beekeeping, has created a series of ads featuring dead bees. The bees encounter a number of city calamities, from getting squished on the Tube to [...]

What Our Pesky Bee Problem Could Mean

I haven’t heard a lot about the much-dreaded Colony Collapse Disorder lately — that syndrome wherein massive bee die-offs seemed to threaten global food supplies — which I foolishly chalked up to our having solved the problem. Not so fast — according to this recent article in the Telegraph, the problem hasn’t gone away — [...]

Odds/Ends: Alyssa Milano + Clean Water + Split Decision

This may sound made up, but Alyssa Milano has been one of our biggest supporters over the years. She’s introduced thousands of people to mental_floss; “through a link tweeted by Alyssa Milano” finished surprisingly high on a recent survey of how people first found us. For her 38th birthday, she’s trying to raise money for [...]

The Late Movies: The Andy Griffith Show

Sunday is the 50th anniversary of the premiere of The Andy Griffith Show. There’s no better time to relive some of the classic moments in the show, with some parodies and remixes thrown in as well. Find out more in the post Remembering the People of Mayberry. Now enjoy the Late Movies! The Preamble to the [...]

Save Our Swarm "Bee"-llboard

Plan BEE used 100,000 bees to create this SOS (Save Our Swarm) “bee”-llboard drawing attention to the worldwide problem of honey bee population decline. For some unknown reason, honey bees have been disappearing at an alarming rate in the past few decades. Beekeepers have noticed that more than half of their colonies have died. Honey [...]