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Hotel Comes with a Bed Made in an Antique Beer Barrel

There’s a dream bed for beer lovers at a hotel in Ostbevern, Germany. The Landhotel Hof Beverland took a Nineteenth Century beer barrel that remained in use until 1995 and remodeled it as a bed. Link -via Inhabitat

32 Historical Christmas Photos

From a few famous faces to adorable animals and kids under the tree to soldiers in wartime, here’s how we’ve had a Merry Christmas through the ages. 1889: Three children gathered around Christmas tree with toys. 1896: Two little girls in bed, playing with Japanese dolls; a little boy with a drum stands at the bedside. [...]

On Becoming Trendy

Photo: Juliana Jimenez Jaramillo for Slate Justin Peters wasn’t trendy, but since he’s a journalist (he’s an editor at the Columbia Journalism Review) and he lives in Brooklyn, it’s just a matter of time [...]

That’s a Big Bed

NBA player Al Jefferson is 6′9″ and 289 pounds. A regular bed just won’t cut it, and NBA stars can afford to have beds custom-made. So Jefferson got a bed that’s twelve feet long and ten feet wide! This picture is from his friend Mo Williams, who is shown demonstrating how big the bed is. [...]

Mosquitoes Turn Midnight Snack into Breakfast

In places where malaria is rampant, a common defense is to sleep under a insecticide-laden mosquito net. The nocturnal mosquito of the genus Anopheles can’t penetrate the netting, and will die from the insecticide if they try. But malaria rates did not plummet as expected. Did the bed nets fail? No, the mosquitos changed -they [...]

The Aquarium Bed and Other Weirdly Luxurious Resting Places

“Sleeping with the fishes” takes on a less sinister meaning thanks to a new bed design that places your head directly below a 650-gallon fish tank. For the low, low price of $11,500, you can rest easy knowing you don’t have to purchase matching lamps, which are included. Despite the price and any claustrophobia or concerns [...]

Turf Blister

Okay, can someone explain what happened there? I think someone hid a water bed under the grass. That or some weird water pocket (I guess that’s the same thing, huh?) Hit play or go to Link [YouTube, [...]

Self-Making Bed

(Video Link) I’m tired of making the bed. Or would be, I suppose, if I did that on a regular basis. This bed by Spanish furniture maker OHEA eliminates any possible excuses. The first step, which is the hardest, is to get out of bed. Should you be so foolish as to do so, the bed [...]

Mom Arrested for Taking 6-Year-Old Daughter Tanning

Tanning enthusiast Patricia Krentcil was recently in hot water when she’s accused of child endangerment by letting her 6-year-old daughter tan in a tanning bed: Krentcil said when the school nurse asked her daughter how [...]

Extreme Alarm Clock Simply Will Not Permit You to Snooze

You have to get out of bed. Oh, no, this clock isn’t going to lure you out with freshly-cooked bacon. Nor will it slap you in the face or toss you on to the floor. But you will have to leave your bedroom and show some basic cognition: There is no snooze button. If you unplug [...]