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Inner Beauty Lip Balm

Inner Beauty Lip Balm  Does the harsh winter weather have you feeling vain and mildly dehydrated? Add some luster to your chapped pucker with the Inner Beauty Lip Balm from the NeatoShop. This cherry tart flavored lip balm will help keep your lips soft and beautiful all season long.   Be sure to check out the NeatoShop [...]

Planned Cities Seen From Space

Cities that are planned before they are populated have a sense of order that can really be appreciated when seen from above. You’d expect that from modern cities, like Brasilia or Canberra, but the beauty of Palmanova, Italy, pictured here, is especially pleasing, as it was built in 1593. See the whole collection at Wired. [...]

Extremely Lucky Bald Eagle Receives A 3D Printed Beak

Beauty is one of the luckiest bald eagles alive today, because not only has she survived being shot in the face by poachers, she now sports a very chic, very modern 3d printed beak for her chewing pleasure. The good folks at the Birds Of Prey Northwest sanctuary never gave up on Beauty, determined to do [...]

Shockingly Beautiful Photos of Electrified Plants

Flowers have long been a popular subject of artists and photographers, but when so many people have already portrayed the natural beauty of plants in so many different ways, it’s hard to create something original with the subjects. But photographer Robert Buelteman found a way—he created a special apparatus that shocks plants with 80,000 volts of [...]

Bizarro Beauty Products

Ah, the things we endure to be beautiful! This perm machine from 1934 looks as if it belongs in a science-fiction story, but it was actually installed in some beauty salons. This is just one of a collection of strange gadgets and gizmos marketed to women (and men, too) in the pursuit of beauty between [...]

Miss Holocaust Survivor

It’s half beauty contest, half celebration of life and a full blown controversy. Fourteen Holocaust survivors vied for the title of Israel’s first "Miss Holocaust Survivor": The youngest contestant was aged 74 and the oldest 97. Billed by [...]

The Story of Send

The beauty of email is that seconds after you hit "Send," it magically appears on the recipient’s inbox. But what happens in between? Google has created The Story of Send, which illustrates the journey made by the bits of Gmail data as [...]

The Weird World of Country-Specific Web Domains

As the dot-com bubble reached its peak in 2000, Internet entrepreneurs faced a problem: every word in the dictionary had been registered as a dot-com domain name. So their bold new innovation was to register domains ending in something other than dot-com! Let’s take a look back at the stories of three [...]

Records That Guinness World Records Won’t Accept

Would you like to set a Guinness World Record? Read Guinness’s instructions first, because there are certain achievements that it won’t recognize, including: We do not accept any claims for beauty as it is not objectively measurable. We do not currently recognise ‘gluttony’ records whereby people consume mass amounts of food. Due to the medical [...]

Slow Motion Ballet

This one is wonderful: the grace and beauty of ballet, captured in slow mo. Take a look and appreciate the graceful movements of Marina Kanno and Giacomo Bevilaqua from Staatsballett Berlin at 1,000 frames per second. Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] [...]