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Humorous Street Art Installations By Leon Reid IV

Brooklyn’s own Leon Reid IV brings the funny to the city streets with his tongue in cheek public artworks. This is the kind of street art guaranteed to brighten your day. A melting newspaper box, George Washington dressed up like a tourist, and walking street signs that look like they’re ready to follow you around town are [...]

Life Support Machines That Keep Each Other Alive

Installation artist and mad scientist Revital Cohen came up with a rather kooky idea for her latest work entitled The Immortal-connect a bunch of life support machines together so that they will keep each other alive ad infinitum. Why, you may ask, would she do such a thing? “The Immortal investigates human dependence on electronics, the [...]

Common Logical Fallacies, Illustrated

David McCandless of Information is Beautiful (he wrote the wonderful book The Visual Miscellaneum – I highly recommend it), came up with this clever visualization and examples [...]

Paper Sculpture Gifts to Scottish Libraries

Beautiful paper sculptures are being left around Scotland’s libraries as a token of appreciation. The artist’s M.O.? Puns, Twitter shout outs, and complete anonymity. Link -via Boing Boing | Photo Credit chrisdonia

The [Spider] Web

Beautiful and creepy: this video uses macro photography showing a spider’s web, covered in droplets of dew. At least one of the spiders is a European Garden Spider (there are zillions of them in my yard). If you’re arachnophobic, don’t watch. If you’re a little skeezed out by spiders, actually DO watch, since it’s mainly just [...]

Beautiful mehndi patterns | Arabic mehndi pictures

Beautiful mehndi patterns | Arabic mehndi picturesMehndi is the application of Henna as a temporary form of skin decoration in South Asia, as well as by expatriate communities from these areas. Mehendi decorations became fashionable in the West in the late 1990s, where they are sometimes called henna tattoos. Henna is typically applied during special [...]